Indy Fused Glass Class Pricing:

Starts at $50
2 Hour Standard Glass Class includes shape options 1-12 materials and firing included.
Additional time: $10 hour per person
Additional projects can be made within time priced by the lb.

Starts at $120
Anything other than options 1-12 up to 10”
Price based on a clear glass base.
Includes all specialty shapes and circles up to 10”

Full color base charges by the lb. $30 hour for extra time
Additional projects can be made within time priced by the lb.

Starts at $225
Studio experience required. Projects larger than 10”
$30 hour for extra time

 *All art is made at your own risk and there is no guarantee of outcome. There are many variables that can effect the outcome of glass art. Kiln firing accidents can occur and is part of the risk associated with glass art.

*Please been on time.

Group classes begin with all the instruction needed at the start of class.If you think you might have trouble getting downtown, please plan to leave early. If you are more 15 minutes late you may be subject to cancellation.

Cancellation and Refund Policies: Here at Indy Fused Glass LLC. we value you and your business and want to create an environment that is safe and conducive to learning, while having an enjoyable time. We acknowledge that life events out of your control will happen, so if one should arise, please notify us at your earliest opportunity. The following are the policies regarding cancelling a reservation:  100% Refund with 7 or more days’ notice.  0% refunded and with 6 or fewer days’ notice.